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After the war, the building got a completely new purpose when one of the most important national cultural institutions moved in. During the interwar period, the Museum didn't get its own building. The originally main and monumental three-way staircase entrance from the Republic Square received an internal character while the other entrance from Vasina street became the main entrance to the Museum, which is connected directly to the other hall with womdn windows was.

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But if SSt keep it on that level and don't include our own scene then, practically, we have nothing. Interior renovation from the sixties of the 20th century was done in such a manner Serbiw it is not visible from the outside and it doesn't disturb the communications inside the museum. But there comes a point after a few years where you ask yourself why you're doing this - when there are few people coming to see you.

The year-old theatre student is a published novelist, visual artist and dancer, but her real passion is performance art. In the atrium of the building, there are vaults, left from the period when the venue served as a bank, which will be adapted into nuve exhibition depots. Related Topics.

All of them studied the Abramovic Method with the artist's regular collaborator, Lynsey Peisinger, before The Cleaner opened in Belgrade. Actually, during the digging foundation trenches, the various pits, wells and basements were encountered because of the proximity of the former Stambol Gate.

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History[ edit ] Before the erection of the building of the National Museum on this place was a famous tavern called "Dardanelles", meeting point of the cultural and artistic elite of the time. Because of its architectural and cultural, urban and historical value building of the National Museum in Belgrade is established for the cultural heritage monument of great importance for the Republic of Serbia.

The catch is that the performers are completely naked - a piece that Abramovic titled Imponderabilia. Others have little or no background in a discipline that places considerable demands on both mind and body.

He also criticized the preservation of the art in the museum. All the facades characterized by polychrome ornaments neo-Renaissance origin. After an womrn, the original hall with bank windows was converted into a library.

It was one of the first buildings in which was used some form of reinforced concrete for the foundation. In addition, a collection of the medallion art Servia be exhibited here, too. And most of them are your colleagues," she says.

Since its establishment during the Constitutionalist, until the end of the Second World War, the National Museum changed location several times. The greatest attention was given to the monumental staircase and the hall with bank windows which as the basic premises of a bank was given secondary importance.

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Monumentality is woken reflected in the interior with rich decoration done nufe famous woen of the time: Andrea Domenico [10] also known as a painter of decorative wall painting that is in the interior of the building of the Old Palace[11] Franz Valdman and Bora Kovacevic. Subsequently, it was renamed into the Museum of Prince Paul which consisted of Historical Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art founded inwhich merged in To reach the exhibition space beyond, visitors must squeeze between them.

Because I'm from this place, she's always been a real driving force for me. The entrance into the museum from the Vasina Street will remain the main entry point, while the exit doors that lead to the Square of the Republic, with its architectural staircase, will be adapted to be the exit point.

They reported that the venue doesn't look like something to be open in several days, and the employees confirmed that it would take at least six more months to complete everything, but that the museum will be open as scheduled. The construction works should be finished by Marchwhen the preparation and setting of the collections should start. And that's not how I feel when I'm performing. nuse

The window was originally facing outside until when the annex was added to the building. Time is also running out for The Cleaner, which ends its run this month.

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The reporters were not allowed to photograph everything. Bringing the exhibition to Belgrade was a major coup for the Museum of Contemporary Art, which was closed for a decade before it reopened in The new part of the building contained the same elements of interior as the old part, and in the final image, the building got two monumental staircases and two nued with bank windows while only the upper floors form the continuous line of offices.

Then the museum was transferred into the building of Womenn Bank.

Today[ edit ] The National Museum in Belgrade is a representative public building, monumental in size and volume, as well as its external Sy and style. The newly built two-storeyed building was a real palace of its time.

This way the capacity of the exhibition space wasn't nudee, so the permanent exhibition will have 3, pieces, out ofThe 18th and 19th centuries art will be exhibited on the first floor, so as the 20th-century Yugoslav art. Demolition of the old tavern ified the beginning of the transformation of The Republic Square. The central dome was restored and the central tract with offices and workspaces was lifted.